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'Hilarious and clever. The camera of Stu Spence is capable of crazy stuff.'

                    Huffington Post, Australia 

'Razor sharp.'

Wendy Squires, Sun-Herald

'A visual delight, Stu's photos will provide an endless run of

LOLs you'll want to share with likeminded individuals.'

Gareth Bryant, SCENESTR. Magazine

"The marriage of

quirky photos with

ingeniously witty

captions makes this

book the perfect gift

for someone who

likes to look at life

from a lateral

perspective and laugh

out loud about it."



He turns garbage tins into daleks, camping chairs to nervy beasts, and blow up dolls into anxious girlfriends.


Enter the world of 'When A Man Snaps,' where Stuey's words and photographs come together in unwitting wedlock, uncovering the humour, whimsy and confusion of a world most of us walk right past.


"I don't plan any of these photographs, I just turn up and there they are. Sometimes they're hiding, other times they just wait patiently in plain sight. It's the ones you have to chase though, they're the tricky can put an eye out if you're not careful."

Cover of When A Man Snaps book
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