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Like wow, like Dave Faulkner! Today, Hoodoo Gurus head honcho (and totally SUPER fulla) takes my book, When A Man Snaps, for a spin. 
How was I to know the road we'd fang down!?

Wil Anderson reviews When A Man Snaps-The Teachings of Stuey, and to be frank, I'm not happy about it. I feel used, violated, even. 
I don't want to talk about it, ok.

ABC Sydney's weekend weapon, Simon Marnie, gets all Harry Potter with Stuey's book, 'When A Man Snaps.'

Deus ex Machina, Mambo...the big brain behind these super brands, Dare Jennings reviews my When A Man Snaps book...what a guy! 

Writer, director, raconteur reviews, Russell Cheek 'When A Man Snaps.'

A Father's day "spray" by the one and only H.G. Nelson

Anna Young checks out early delivery of When A Man Snaps,

and kinda...loses it (her s**t, not the book)

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